President, Valour Canada

The Company 

Valour Canada is a not-for-profit dedicated to connecting Canadians to their military heritage. Their mission is to be Canada’s foremost and preferred military history and heritage organization. Valour Canada works to educate Canadian citizens of all ages through a variety of programs so that they appreciate the role of our military in protecting Canadian interests, values and beliefs, understand the role our military has had in shaping our country and the world, and are inspired to be engaged and participatory citizens of Canada.

Valour Canada was originally incorporated as Calgary Military Museums Society, a not-for-profit, charitable organization under the Canadian Corporations Act on March 13th 1987. CMMS raised the funds to build the Museum of the Regiments (MOR), which opened in l991, and to complete the major renovation and renaming to Calgary Military Museums in 2006. In 2010, the Society ended its relationship with CMM and in 2012 rebranded to Valour Canada.

The Opportunity

The President, reporting to the Chair of the Valour Canada Board of Directors, will strive to create a meaningful role for Valour Canada in enabling and advancing the understanding of Canadian military heritage and in the funding, creation and delivery of on-line, top-tier Canadian education programs and associated activities.

Key accountabilities and responsibilities:

Fund Development, Marketing and Financial Management

  • Initiate, develop and implement business and other plans, (fundraising, marketing, communication, education, use of volunteers), which will ensure the growth and sustainability of the Society and its programs.
  • Identify, research, cultivate and solicit corporate, foundation and individual donors.
  • Prepare written proposals, presentations and donor briefing documents.
  • Develop and nurture relationships with current donors to increase donor commitment.
  • Identify and solicit third party special event partnerships and sponsorships to support fundraising and awareness plans.
  • Grow the Valour Canada-sponsored endowment at The Calgary Foundation.
  • Investigate new fundraising opportunities and set fundraising goals as they relate to corporate, individual and major gift growth.
  • Coordinate and execute donor recognition and stewardship plans.
  • Evaluate fundraising programs against goals.
  • Create a positive, recognizable image for Valour Canada and its education programs with clients, stakeholders, donors and volunteers.
  • Integrate marketing and public relations strategies and activities with fundraising goals.


  • Ensure appropriate legal agreements are in place for all business transactions.
  • Ensure the Corporate Minute Book is kept current and assist in revising Letters Patent and by-laws as necessary.
  • Ensure all official filings are completed on time to maintain the Society within government regulations.
  • Maintain the corporate insurance policies - both D&O and liability.
  • Ensure Board minutes are created and maintained.
  • In consultation with the volunteer Treasurer, establish operating and capital projections and budgets, for approval by the Board.
  • Strive for high levels of efficiency and maintain a careful and judicious control of expenses.
  • Fulfill all legal and financial obligations with due diligence, while ensuring the safety of volunteers and staff.
  • Manage the financial integrity of the Society by ensuring that accurate and timely bookkeeping and financial statements are prepared.
  • Oversee the maintenance of the organization website.
  • Maintain appropriate lists of Society members, directors, donors, etc.
  • Keep current bank signing authorities and banking arrangements.
  • Ensure employee contracts and payroll documentation are current.
  • Ensure all reports to donors, members, directors and external stakeholders are completed on-time such as: the Annual Report, Budgets and Business Plans, Reports to donors on how funds were spent, applications for funding, casino reports, grant applications, GST submissions, and Payroll returns.
  • Work closely and collaboratively with all committees of the board and create other volunteer committees to assist in the performance of your duties.
  • Develop and maintain the necessary operating and administrative policies and procedures.
  • Exercise leadership in developing an organization capable of learning and adapting quickly to change.
  • Enhance the profile of the Society with civic and provincial governmental agencies, community groups, museum and other industry groups, members, staff, volunteers and the public.
  • Ensure the Society has an office location and office equipment fitting its financial and public profile status and appropriate for its needs.

Stakeholder Coordination

  • Identify and develop appropriate stakeholders and the programs to support this  educational role for Valour Canada.
  • Facilitate cooperation and coordination among the various stakeholders associated with Valour Canada programs.
  • Ensure that all direct reports and volunteers understand the need for professional relations with all stakeholders.
  • Assume the role of champion for the education programs and initiate discussions where appropriate to ensure coordination among all stakeholders.

Human Resource Management

  • Ensure that the Society has progressive policies to attract, develop, motivate and retain capable volunteers and staff, while maintaining a high degree of morale, fairness and harmony.
  • Recruit, train, supervise, retain and if necessary terminate high quality FTE and contract employees.
  • Maintain an employee and volunteer environment which is built on mutual trust and respect.
  • Ensure there is a professional working relationship with all stakeholders associated with the Society, including where necessary partners and members of the Canadian Forces and DND employees.


  • In conjunction with the Program Coordinator, develop appropriate high quality educational programs that are entertaining, useable on multiple platforms — classroom, TV, computers and PDAs, etc. which are accessible by all the latest appropriate social networking technology and programs.
  • Ensure that the targeted audience is identified through pre-production work to discover the “wow” factor.
  • Ensure text, sound, animation, video, film and still photos are incorporated in appropriate ways.
  • Ensure the programs are useable for multiple age groups.
  • Closely monitor and coordinate programs that enhance the reputation of the Society and improve its profile in the community and with all stakeholders.
  • Provide for the resources required to effectively plan and implement the programs.
  • Assist Valour Canada to continue to scan the horizon for new educational opportunities.
  • Manage two legacy programs, the Honour Magazine and the Sir General Arthur Currie Award.
  • Develop appropriate projects with the University of Calgary's Library, Archives and Fine Arts programs.

Other Considerations

  • Guide and administer the affairs of the Society in keeping with the mission, vision, objectives, goals, policies and priorities as set forth by the Board of Directors.
  • Provide strong and effective leadership in developing and executing the strategic direction of the Society.
  • Refer to the Board of Directors those matters that require its attention and/or approval and provide reports, as required to the Board and its committees.
  • Report to the Board of Directors on the financial health of the Society and make such recommendations as necessary.

The Individual

The desired candidate profile will include the following skills, experience, credentials and personal attributes:

  • Strong leadership skills and presence/profile in the community.
  • Highly developed interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to speak on behalf of the organization with various media outlets. Comfortable interfacing with multiple stakeholders in creating awareness of Valour Canada’s vision to the public.
  • Previous experience developing and executing a fundraising strategy.
  • A background and/or interest in Canadian Military history and a passion for promoting awareness of Canada’s military heritage. 
  • Demonstrated experience in establishing and directing organizational goals.
  • Previous experience overseeing the financial administration of an organization or department.
  • Exposure to or experience with the operations of volunteer Boards of Directors would be an asset.